Pink-a-Boo, it’s swim time

Pink-a-Boo, it’s swim time

Because summer is coming around soon, there are brand new swim released and we just can’t get enough. This time, we are looking at building a swim outfit based on the theme colours pink, white and black. We love the contrast between a soft pastel pink with the hard and cold black.

In short, we just like outfits that make a statement, no matter the occasion.

Hence, we went on the very reliable Shopbop on the quest to get fitted with our latest swim ensemble it did not disappoint.

Solid & Striped The Anne-Marie One Piece Swimsuit with Belt


What seems like a throwback retro piece is now back in all its splendour. Thick vertical stripes in baby pink and white give an elongated illusion. Not only that, the thick belt gives the body shape by accentuating the waist.

Really, what is not to love!

MIKOH Kainoa Sarong


Since we are on vertical stripes, draw more attention with a contrast colour in the same design. This wraparound sarong is simple and versatile – easy to be matched with almost any swimwear and it can even be a statement piece on its own when paired with other casual tops.

Brixton Bondi Palm Visor

Why a visor?

Well, when it is time to laze on the swimming pool bench, you would not want the flat from the hat to be hindering the way you lay your head, would you?
This black straw visor does the job by shielding your eyes comfortably and still fit your swim theme.

Poolside Bags Lizzy “Out of Office” Fringe Tote

What is a poolside getup without a straw tote? When it comes to a pool day, the bigger the bag, the better it is. We know it will be filled with snacks, sunscreen lotion, aloe vera gel, towels and books.
Also, just so everyone knows, this statement tote bag is a warning to yourself and the world that you must not be disturbed when it comes to matters of work.

Jeffrey Campbell Deceipt Lo Sandals

To complete the look, we are loving this strappy sandal that is lined akin to monk sandals, just much more feminine with thinner bands in luxurious white.
We’ll snag this in a heartbeat.

We believe pink is always in and white and black are its enhancers. Are you catching our pool vibes with this number? It’s time to get your beach bod snatched in this outfit ASAP.


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