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OOTD by @roya_nila

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1Worn Look Leather Jacket NA-KD Exclusive
2Black Jeans Iva Nikolina x NA-KD
3Stine Lace Singlet Rut&Circle

Every summer has at least one chilly day when the weather feels like autumn. So, that is the day when your outfit needs a quick change so you always need to have some things at hand. This is the look by Roya Nila (IG: @roya_nila) is appropriate for that type of weather, and certainly for when you will be stuck in a chilly air-conditioned room for long hours. The black leather jacket is always in and goes with almost every style. Paired with ripped skinny jeans and ankle boots, the day look you will have will present a rock vibe. Under the jacket, you can always choose a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt, just in case the sun decides to come out again. The all-black look allows a purse in some other colour that will bring freshness and remind you that it’s still summer!

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Editor’s pick: items we love from East Dane

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Fashion is an ever-changing industry with new trends and designs coming out and taking over the old ones at a rapid pace. We know how keeping up to trend can be stressful sometimes, so we’re here to help everyone who is facing this problem! We’ve picked out the best items on East Dane latest markdown that are worth buying. Girls, if you are buying a gift for your boyfriend, you may want to take a look too.
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Lazada’s National Day campaign

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Singapore’s National Day is just around the corner and we bet that you’ve got some exciting plans to celebrate this special day! Are you going somewhere fancy for a feast with your loved ones, or are you perhaps going for a more homely feel by holding a house party? If you are thinking more of the latter, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy up to 80% off for over 300 products at Lazada‘s National Day Campaign starting today until August 9, 2018! Here are some products which we recommend for your National Day feast with family and friends.

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Stylish work outfit inspirations for this summer

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Dressing in summer is always fun – the colours of the outfit are brighter and there are plenty of styles to mix and match. However, not all summer clothes are appropriate for the work environment. Work outfit requires a dose of elegance and formality that are often in contrast with the cheerful and playful summer vibes. In general, semi-formal and semi-casual summer outfits are the safest to wear to work. With this style guide, you can easily step up your summer work outfit game following our recommendation for the most stylish, modern and, most importantly, work-appropriate fashion items. Here is an ultimate list of work outfits that can help you dress better to work this summer.

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