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Bikinis for every body type

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As summer is finally here, it’s time to up your swimsuit game. Get the best bikinis that suit your body shape and be ready to show off at the beach! Each body type is unique and different bikini styles suit different body types to different extents. Understanding these differences will help you find the best bikini for your next trip to the beach!

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Fashion bloggers who have taken the internet by storm

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As there are more and more fashion blogs on the Internet today, a lot of fashion bloggers are getting more competitive in providing the highest quality content to attract more followers. Fashion blogging is a task that can only be done sustainably by those who are fashionistas at heart and aren’t only in it for the money. In fact, to these bloggers sharing about their favourite fashion items and trends is passion and a way of life! Here are our top picks for fashion bloggers who have made the Internet a more fashionable place.

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Backlash faced by Cannes over sexism

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The Cannes Festival which is the annual film festival held in Cannes, France has started to lose its impact as an essential showcase for European Films and has recently come into the limelight over its sexism controversies. To the dismay of many female artists and filmmakers, this platform which is supposed to be an upliftment for everyone irrespective of their gender has instead worsened the sexual oppression faced by most women.
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88-year-old Hitchcock muse is the face of Gucci’s new campaign

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Tippi Hedren, an 88 years old American actress, animal rights activist, and a former fashion model has made headlines by becoming the face of Gucci’s latest style campaign. Her styles, filled with timeless grace and elegance can be seen in various pictures and video of the new campaign that is related to Gucci’s classic and exuberant jewellery.
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