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OOTD by @sophiachong

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Regardless of the time of the year, the black and white combination is one of the best ways to work your basics. Even though some of us might shy away from it during summer, Sophia Chang (IG: @sophiachong) here with a black crop top and high waist utility white shorts shows us that it totally works. The hook button detail of the top compliments the oversized pocket detail of the shorts. Complete the militant look with a cinched black belt and combat boots, which steers this outfit away from demure and goes straight to being gritty with just the right amount of chic. Don’t forget to grab that iconic vintage Gucci bag and some shades before you step out. read more

OOTD by @tsangtastic

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It’s one of those hot days where you just want to throw on something casual yet tasteful. You’re rushing out to meet your friends for a quick lunch, or you need to do a run to the store for an errand. This look by Jenny Tsang (IG: @tsangtastic) is perfect for that. A white two-toned t-shirt matched with a pair of straight cut-off jeans, this outfit will keep you cool (pun intended) and never go out of style. The outfit allows you to get creative with accessories like a Louis Vuitton fanny pack and some black and nude flats that play off the double colours of the t-shirt, and you’re done!

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Don’t neglect your nightly skincare regime

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The morning rush. Getting dressed, shovelling in mouthfuls of breakfast, squeezing in a basic skincare routine, smearing on some make up and then hoping to make it to work on time. Whether it’s sitting in the office in the dry environment of the air conditioner or running errands out in the sun, our skin is exposed to the harsh elements of the environment.

The results – skin damage and premature aging over time. Coming home and repeating the same hurried skincare routine you do in the morning is not quite good enough before you head to bed if you intend to preserve the integrity of your skin without resorting to botox injections at the age of 25. The benefits of a night skin care regime should not be underestimated, especially since you have more time to dedicate to your skin in the evening. Establishing a nightly skin care regime is essential in allowing your skin to heal, restore and rejuvenate.

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OOTD by @sophiewillocq

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This look is all about achieving the bohemian chic look with a modern contrast, showcased here by Sophie Willocq (IG: @sophiewillocq). Drawing on the features of boho chic in the ‘60s, like the tiered floral skirt and straw tote, and pairing it with a contemporary element like a bright red off-shoulder crop top, the outfit is transformed into one that is relevant for the modern woman while still maintaining a demure feel. The gladiator sandals retain the overall casual vibe of the look, certainly perfect for a stroll in the park.

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OOTD by @mongabong

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The vintage cuts and prints are coming back intensively and there are more and more fashion pieces that look just like the ones we see from back in the ‘70s. One iconic print is the black and white checkered midi skirt. While bringing back a sense of nostalgia, it is still a classic and has not gone out of style all these years.

Inspired by Yeoh Mongchin’s (IG: @mongabong) OOTD, pair this classic skirt with a white top with balloon sleeves for an eye-catching and slightly retro look. As a day outfit, the skirt with the front buttoning gives the look a casual vibe, while the sleeves create a more elegant one, so the balance is perfect. Open toe heeled sandals are also a nice and fashionable addition to the look.

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