OOTD by @lsdivo

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1TOP: Endless Rose Ruffled Blouse (USD 52.50)
2SKIRT: Tibi Smocked Waist Skirt (USD 495.00)
3BAG: Coach 1941 Rogue Bag 25 (USD 595.00)
4SANDALS: Loeffler Randall Coco Knot Slides (USD 395.00)

This outfit by Divo (IG @lsdivo) is one of the most creative looks to give you the ultimate luxury vacation-mode vibe. The top part of the dress has two separate layers of ruffles that drop down lazily, while the lower part of the dress is comparatively simpler and has a plain surface with a frilly detail at the waist. The long sleeves and the collared neck add on to the simple beauty of the dress. The picture comes to perfect completion with the pink bike at the background complementing the grey-blue shade of the dress. Here are some products which can help you achieve a similar look.

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Kate Spade – the woman and the brand that made history

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Whenever a world-famous person passes away, the audience and the fans start to reminisce about the person’s legacy in the world. Last week, the world lost a big and creative name – Kate Spade, the iconic fashion designer. The passing of the designer came as a shock to many mainly because it was ruled out as a suicide. As soon as the public became aware of the psychological struggle that the designer herself had suffered, many celebrities expressed their condolences and urged everyone to seek help in times of need. However, it was too late for Spade. The world-famous designer of the iconic colourful bags was gone and the fashion world had one less big name contributing and creating in the future.
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Westwood – a class apart

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Many documentaries have been made on fashion industry legends, covering the most crucial parts of their struggle: how they did what they did, how they fought against all odds to rise above the occasion and eventually make their mark on the world. What we don’t see most of is how these people are outside the world of fashion. This seems like a ridiculous wish for a full movie made solely on the life of a fashion designer, but there’s something different about this particular one.
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Dress right to sweat right

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Believe it or not, your workout can’t be complete without the right outfit. Just like how you need to dress up for a party or a gala, the same rules apply to your workout. This isn’t a fashion frenzy – your proper workout clothes are simply essential! Not only do they look fabulous (obviously!), but they also help you stretch better and absorb the sweat from your body so that nothing hinders your amazing workout routine.
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Taking the pajama party to a whole new level

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Wearing pajamas in the daylight as normal outfits trended one or two year(s) ago, giving rise to the popular “I woke up like this” lazy girl look: super cute messy hair, sassy makeup, some sunglasses, heels or sneakers, and of course, the pajamas. Pajamas are insanely comfortable – well, duh, that’s pretty much what the game is about – and the fascination with casual-and-comfortable look has taken to the streets now.
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Is 2018 Carrie Bradshaw approved?

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From the year the show first aired to the day the second movie was premiered, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte of Sex and the City have reigned over the hearts of millions across the globe. These goddesses are not only witty and sarcastically funny but also flaunt their style unapologetically. It is because of them that today the obsession with high-end fashion and the glamorous eccentric matching of jewelry and dresses even exist.
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Go matchy-matchy this summer

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The trend for two-piece outfit is still in this summer. This isn’t surprising – after all, who doesn’t love looking good in tops and bottoms that look great together? As much as we love looking great in matching outfits, finding the ones that go well as a pair may not always be easy. Fret not! Here we have five matching sets for you to try out this summer.
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All in white: 10 dresses for your casual and classy summer look

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Every fashionista knows that white is a must-have for every season, but what makes it especially cool for summer? As the brightest shade that suits the mood of the season, white is one of those few colours that can go both casual and classy. Having white in your summer wardrobe thus means getting yourself covered for all occasions. We understand your need to remain stylish at all times, so here are our best picks for the 10 white dresses that can be a real treat for you this summer.
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