All in white: 10 dresses for your casual and classy summer look

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Every fashionista knows that white is a must-have for every season, but what makes it especially cool for summer? As the brightest shade that suits the mood of the season, white is one of those few colours that can go both casual and classy. Having white in your summer wardrobe thus means getting yourself covered for all occasions. We understand your need to remain stylish at all times, so here are our best picks for the 10 white dresses that can be a real treat for you this summer.
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Upgrade your work wardrobe with button-ups

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To upgrade your work wardrobe or casual wardrobe is the never an uphill task if you have some knowledge about clothing. You can do this task with even a very little know-how of dressing. However, here are 19 non-boring button-ups that you can do to upgrade your work wardrobe.

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’90 all over again with beaded handbags

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Who would have known that small bags will be back in fashion? They are spreading all over so fast, it is incredible. They were a top trend in the ’90, and now they are here again. Maybe you would ask yourself, why they are so unique. These bags are different, and they stand out from others because they are beaded with small and adorable little beads and also unique. You can have all the fun with them and combine them with whatever you like.
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Backlash faced by Cannes over sexism

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The Cannes Festival which is the annual film festival held in Cannes, France has started to lose its impact as an essential showcase for European Films and has recently come into the limelight over its sexism controversies. To the dismay of many female artists and filmmakers, this platform which is supposed to be an upliftment for everyone irrespective of their gender has instead worsened the sexual oppression faced by most women.
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