Meet the JUNO microfiber velvet sponge

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The selection of the famous blending sponges is no longer limited to one pink egg-shaped tool. These days, it runs the scale. You can save with the USD 2 generic at the drugstore or splurge on the USD 23 Beauty Blender.

Meet the JUNO Microfiber Velvet Sponge!

If you are like us, who prefers a more natural, and dewy look for everyday makeup, then I suggest that you invest in this miraculous sponge! If you’re looking for a more natural, airbrushed foundation finish the JUNO Microfiber Velvet Sponge is your go-to sponge.

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Don’t neglect your nightly skincare regime

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The morning rush. Getting dressed, shovelling in mouthfuls of breakfast, squeezing in a basic skincare routine, smearing on some make up and then hoping to make it to work on time. Whether it’s sitting in the office in the dry environment of the air conditioner or running errands out in the sun, our skin is exposed to the harsh elements of the environment.

The results – skin damage and premature aging over time. Coming home and repeating the same hurried skincare routine you do in the morning is not quite good enough before you head to bed if you intend to preserve the integrity of your skin without resorting to botox injections at the age of 25. The benefits of a night skin care regime should not be underestimated, especially since you have more time to dedicate to your skin in the evening. Establishing a nightly skin care regime is essential in allowing your skin to heal, restore and rejuvenate.

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Lazada’s National Day campaign

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Singapore’s National Day is just around the corner and we bet that you’ve got some exciting plans to celebrate this special day! Are you going somewhere fancy for a feast with your loved ones, or are you perhaps going for a more homely feel by holding a house party? If you are thinking more of the latter, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy up to 80% off for over 300 products at Lazada‘s National Day Campaign starting today until August 9, 2018! Here are some products which we recommend for your National Day feast with family and friends.

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Dress right to sweat right

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Believe it or not, your workout can’t be complete without the right outfit. Just like how you need to dress up for a party or a gala, the same rules apply to your workout. This isn’t a fashion frenzy – your proper workout clothes are simply essential! Not only do they look fabulous (obviously!), but they also help you stretch better and absorb the sweat from your body so that nothing hinders your amazing workout routine.
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Artbox Singapore 2018: remember to check it out!

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Everyone, stop what you are doing, if you haven’t gone to Artbox Singapore, this is your last chance!

Artbox Singapore offers a local twist on the regionally acclaimed creative night market, Artbox Bangkok. Last week, Artbox Singapore 2018, opened its doors to a more awesome experience. If you missed the week before, here’s your last chance! Drop by Marina Bay Sands Singapore TOMORROW and immerse yourself in Singapore’s largest and wildly popular creative pop-up container market!
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