Editor’s pick: items we love on Shopbop!

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We’ve got a lot of exciting new trends coming up this summer – from narrow sunnies, tinsel earrings, the all-time favourite fedora hat, colourful prints and so on. To keep up with these latest trends, you may be busy narrowing down which style you would like to try next and which shop should be next on your list. Let us help you out! Shopbop has got some of these trendy fashion items in their summer collection that you should check out. Here are our editor’s best picks from Shopbop’s latest summer collection to help you out!

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OOTD by @cryskay

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1TOP: BCBGMAXAZRIA yellow top (USD 158.00)
2PANTS: Delpozo white cotton trousers (EUR 1,305.00)
3SANDALS: Fendi pom-pom sandals (USD 895.00)

This summer look by Crystal (IG @cryskay) screams the “I am effortlessly chic” vibe. The outfit is both day- and night-appropriate, depending on the place and the occasion you are attending. The white-and-yellow colour combination makes this look the ultimate choice for summer. The relaxed cut of the white pants and the trendy sheer top match the holiday mood well. The casual footwear in this look can easily be switched among slides, mules and sandals to suit your liking best. Whenever you are going out in the city or somewhere else on vacation, this is the perfect look that is in line with the current trends this summer. Here are some similar products which can help you achieve this look.

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OOTD by @audreyxaudrey

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An Instagram favorite, Audrey (IG @audreyxaudrey) wore a dress that was just launched in the market – a black midi Eliza dress that is perfect for a casual summer wear-out, also available in maroon. The dress is fully lined and comes with a removable waist strap, adding to its elegance. You can customise the strap to your liking, for example by making a knot on one side of the waist. The elbow-length sleeves complement the summer heat well and add on to the gracefulness of the dress. The dress also has a hidden back zipper. These are some similar products which can help you achieve this look.

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OOTD by @sabsiez

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This look by Sabrina (IG @sabsiez) is perfect for a summer getaway. The white off-shoulder top paired with multicoloured fancy pants make the perfect combination. The bright, colourful pants do not only give life to the plain white top but will also make way for comfort. The frills and puffy sleeves also make this cute top the ultimate choice for summer. Pair this combination with a pair of sneakers if you plan to travel a lot. Here are some similar products which can help you achieve this look.

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Fashion bloggers who have taken the internet by storm

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As there are more and more fashion blogs on the Internet today, a lot of fashion bloggers are getting more competitive in providing the highest quality content to attract more followers. Fashion blogging is a task that can only be done sustainably by those who are fashionistas at heart and aren’t only in it for the money. In fact, to these bloggers sharing about their favourite fashion items and trends is passion and a way of life! Here are our top picks for fashion bloggers who have made the Internet a more fashionable place.

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OOTD by @lsdivo

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1TOP: Endless Rose Ruffled Blouse (USD 52.50)
2SKIRT: Tibi Smocked Waist Skirt (USD 495.00)
3BAG: Coach 1941 Rogue Bag 25 (USD 595.00)
4SANDALS: Loeffler Randall Coco Knot Slides (USD 395.00)

This outfit by Divo (IG @lsdivo) is one of the most creative looks to give you the ultimate luxury vacation-mode vibe. The top part of the dress has two separate layers of ruffles that drop down lazily, while the lower part of the dress is comparatively simpler and has a plain surface with a frilly detail at the waist. The long sleeves and the collared neck add on to the simple beauty of the dress. The picture comes to perfect completion with the pink bike at the background complementing the grey-blue shade of the dress. Here are some products which can help you achieve a similar look.

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Kate Spade – the woman and the brand that made history

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Whenever a world-famous person passes away, the audience and the fans start to reminisce about the person’s legacy in the world. Last week, the world lost a big and creative name – Kate Spade, the iconic fashion designer. The passing of the designer came as a shock to many mainly because it was ruled out as a suicide. As soon as the public became aware of the psychological struggle that the designer herself had suffered, many celebrities expressed their condolences and urged everyone to seek help in times of need. However, it was too late for Spade. The world-famous designer of the iconic colourful bags was gone and the fashion world had one less big name contributing and creating in the future.
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“Sex and the City” real life fashion moments

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When the first episode of the mega popular series “Sex and the City” aired back in June 1998, nobody predicted that twenty years later it will still be as popular as then. This revolutionary show has made a point in history. The story about four independent women living and working hard to fulfil their desires in New York City has answered many questions about life. Topics like feminism and casual sex were ahead of its time as shown by the fresh portrayal of single women’s career on TV. The show’s take on these topics was new and interesting for the audience at that time.
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