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Fashion bloggers who have taken the internet by storm

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As there are more and more fashion blogs on the Internet today, a lot of fashion bloggers are getting more competitive in providing the highest quality content to attract more followers. Fashion blogging is a task that can only be done sustainably by those who are fashionistas at heart and aren’t only in it for the money. In fact, to these bloggers sharing about their favourite fashion items and trends is passion and a way of life! Here are our top picks for fashion bloggers who have made the Internet a more fashionable place.

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Kate Spade – the woman and the brand that made history

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Whenever a world-famous person passes away, the audience and the fans start to reminisce about the person’s legacy in the world. Last week, the world lost a big and creative name – Kate Spade, the iconic fashion designer. The passing of the designer came as a shock to many mainly because it was ruled out as a suicide. As soon as the public became aware of the psychological struggle that the designer herself had suffered, many celebrities expressed their condolences and urged everyone to seek help in times of need. However, it was too late for Spade. The world-famous designer of the iconic colourful bags was gone and the fashion world had one less big name contributing and creating in the future.
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Westwood – a class apart

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Many documentaries have been made on fashion industry legends, covering the most crucial parts of their struggle: how they did what they did, how they fought against all odds to rise above the occasion and eventually make their mark on the world. What we don’t see most of is how these people are outside the world of fashion. This seems like a ridiculous wish for a full movie made solely on the life of a fashion designer, but there’s something different about this particular one.
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