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OOTD by @roya_nila

Germany OOTD 1 Comments
1Worn Look Leather Jacket NA-KD Exclusive
2Black Jeans Iva Nikolina x NA-KD
3Stine Lace Singlet Rut&Circle

Every summer has at least one chilly day when the weather feels like autumn. So, that is the day when your outfit needs a quick change so you always need to have some things at hand. This is the look by Roya Nila (IG: @roya_nila) is appropriate for that type of weather, and certainly for when you will be stuck in a chilly air-conditioned room for long hours. The black leather jacket is always in and goes with almost every style. Paired with ripped skinny jeans and ankle boots, the day look you will have will present a rock vibe. Under the jacket, you can always choose a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt, just in case the sun decides to come out again. The all-black look allows a purse in some other colour that will bring freshness and remind you that it’s still summer!

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OOTD by @melissackoh

OOTD Singapore 1 Comments

There is no better way and time to wear floral print than during the hot summer days. Floral print on a long dress brings a unique modern vibe and a feminine touch. This look by Melissa (IG @melissackoh) and her sister is showing us how so. Although these two outfits might look the same from afar, they are essentially different. The dress on the left is a wrap floral dress with short sleeves and V-neck. It has a fish-tail end that is almost floor-length. The dress on the right is a modern version of a top-and-skirt dress, with some opening at the front. It also has a V-neck, but is a shorter version than the previous one. Both dresses require flats or sandals as a footwear to complement the sweet and feminine look. Here are some products which can help you achieve a similar look.

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OOTD by @cryskay

OOTD United States 0 Comments
1TOP: BCBGMAXAZRIA yellow top (USD 158.00)
2PANTS: Delpozo white cotton trousers (EUR 1,305.00)
3SANDALS: Fendi pom-pom sandals (USD 895.00)

This summer look by Crystal (IG @cryskay) screams the “I am effortlessly chic” vibe. The outfit is both day- and night-appropriate, depending on the place and the occasion you are attending. The white-and-yellow colour combination makes this look the ultimate choice for summer. The relaxed cut of the white pants and the trendy sheer top match the holiday mood well. The casual footwear in this look can easily be switched among slides, mules and sandals to suit your liking best. Whenever you are going out in the city or somewhere else on vacation, this is the perfect look that is in line with the current trends this summer. Here are some similar products which can help you achieve this look.

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