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OOTD by @anunanna

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Once in a while, there will be a special day occasion that needs a top day outfit. Certain outfits are more suitable for some occasions but not others, so to hit it right you need to understand these differences. This look by Anna (IG @anunanna) is the perfect example of how an outfit can be styled appropriately for both day and night occasions. The black dress with flare bottom comes with red and pink florals. This is one of those few outfits that can suit both day and night occasions perfectly. The most eye-catching fashion item in this outfit is the marvellous red point-toe ankle boots with high heels. They are simply fabulous and effortlessly speak for your sense of fashion. The chain strap bag in this outfit is black, shiny and classy, thus complementing the bold colours of the floral print and the boots well. Here are some products which can help you achieve a similar look to this one.

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All in white: 10 dresses for your casual and classy summer look

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Every fashionista knows that white is a must-have for every season, but what makes it especially cool for summer? As the brightest shade that suits the mood of the season, white is one of those few colours that can go both casual and classy. Having white in your summer wardrobe thus means getting yourself covered for all occasions. We understand your need to remain stylish at all times, so here are our best picks for the 10 white dresses that can be a real treat for you this summer.
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