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Go in full-denim this summer

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Denim is one of the most popular fabrics that is timeless and fashionable, and jeans were the first type of denim that appeared around the world. Marilyn Monroe was one of the first women to wear jeans in the form-fitting style. From then onwards, women have adored denim in various forms. Despite denim being traditionally thick, today’s fashion trends show denim fashion pieces with thinner fabric that is appropriate for summer and daily wear. Following this trend, this summer is the best time to go in full-denim. Here are some suggestions for your next shopping trip and to continue the current denim fever.

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Editor’s pick: items we love on Shopbop!

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We’ve got a lot of exciting new trends coming up this summer – from narrow sunnies, tinsel earrings, the all-time favourite fedora hat, colourful prints and so on. To keep up with these latest trends, you may be busy narrowing down which style you would like to try next and which shop should be next on your list. Let us help you out! Shopbop has got some of these trendy fashion items in their summer collection that you should check out. Here are our editor’s best picks from Shopbop’s latest summer collection to help you out!

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