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OOTD by @jamiepang

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Working out in the right clothes is important. You need to have a set of proper sportswear to maximise the outcome of your exercise and feel comfortable doing it. Besides fulfilling this purpose, Jamie (IG @jamiepang) also shows how you can look fashionable in your activewear. A set of activewear typically consists of leggings, a comfortable top and a pair of running shoes. In this look, Jamie wore a pair of dark grey leggings which are comfortable and suit her body type. On top of it, she wore a regular sleeveless top that is light and comfortable. In contrast to the plain top and leggings, Jamie wore a pair of sports shoes which have intricate pattern on them. Overall, this look is appropriate for daily exercise and still worth an OOTD material! Here are some products which can help you achieve a similar look.

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Dress right to sweat right

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Believe it or not, your workout can’t be complete without the right outfit. Just like how you need to dress up for a party or a gala, the same rules apply to your workout. This isn’t a fashion frenzy – your proper workout clothes are simply essential! Not only do they look fabulous (obviously!), but they also help you stretch better and absorb the sweat from your body so that nothing hinders your amazing workout routine.
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