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OOTD by @shiberty

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A full white-on-white look is something that can easily be achieved if you have right fashion pieces. White is a very popular colour for summer. It is neutral, clean, elegant and perfect for both day and night outfit. This all-white look by Jessica (IG @shiberty) consists of three fashion items. The pants are wide with below-the-knee length – this cutting is very popular this summer. The top is basic, sleeveless and goes well with the pants. Over the pants and the top, the long vest completes this whole look. It is sleeveless, fashionable and easy to mix and match. This whole look asks for a simple yet chic summer footwear, such as this monochromatic pair of heeled sandals. Here are some similar products which can help you achieve this look.

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Stylish work outfit inspirations for this summer

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Dressing in summer is always fun – the colours of the outfit are brighter and there are plenty of styles to mix and match. However, not all summer clothes are appropriate for the work environment. Work outfit requires a dose of elegance and formality that are often in contrast with the cheerful and playful summer vibes. In general, semi-formal and semi-casual summer outfits are the safest to wear to work. With this style guide, you can easily step up your summer work outfit game following our recommendation for the most stylish, modern and, most importantly, work-appropriate fashion items. Here is an ultimate list of work outfits that can help you dress better to work this summer.

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